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Free Download - The 'I Like 3HO' Song

On January 5, 2014, we celebrate the 45th birthday of 3HO.

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Free Mp3 download of "I Like 3HO" - Lyrics and music by Guru Dass Singh.


Well, it all started in ’69, American hippie scene.

There came a yogi from the Eastern lands

Sayin’ things ain’t what they seem.

You can be (And we are)

Healthy—just to keep on going,

Happy—keep the spirit flowin’,

Holy—I like 3HO.

Well, the years went by, we learned how to fly,

Feet on the ground, head high in the sky.

Wake up in the mornin’ and call on the One.

We’re going home.

Well, 3HO is that place you can go when your spirit’s down and gone.

It’s a worldwide family, it’s the dawning Aquarian dream.

So don’t waste your time, don’t say behind.

Don’t cling to things that are not true.

Just help each other and serve your brothers.

Infinity’s waitin’ for you.