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Dhrib Drishti Lochina Karma—Meditation for Inspiring, Truthful, Deeply Penetrating Speech

The name of this very powerful, but simple meditation means "The action of acquiring insight into the future." Honest practice of this kriya is said to impart many benefits. As a result of mastering this meditation, it is said that you can become conscious in thought and action; and your words can have the power to penetrate deeply, inspire, and always represent the truth of a given situation.

The Bij Mantra, or seed mantra (Sa Ta Na Ma), helps join you with your destiny—the fulfilling life you are meant to live—and signifies the cycle of life.

Posture: Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

Mudra: Rest your wrists on your knees with the palms facing up. Place your hands in Gyan Mudra—catch the tip of your index finger with your thumb and keep the middle, ring, and little fingers straight.

Lock the edges of your front teeth together; you may need to move your lower jaw forward to align the upper and lower rows of teeth.

Eyes: Gently focus your eyes on the tip of your nose. Your tongue touches the upper palate in a relaxed way; it should happen automatically after approximately one minute of meditation.

Mantra: Mentally project the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma (all “a’s” are pronounced as the “a” in “father”) out from your third eye. Concentrate on creating a powerful projection and internal harmony.

Time: The minimum time suggested for this meditation is 15 minutes, and you may build up to 31 minutes. (Then, to master this meditation, you can slowly build your time to 1½  hours at a sitting.)

A typical starting duration is 31 minutes. Minimum or compromise time is 15 minutes. If you wish to master it, practice for 1- 1/2  hours at a sitting. Three hours practice at a sitting are said to open up psychic abilities.

To End: When you finish the meditation, relax, and send out blessings for peace.

Sa – totality, life

Ta – creation, birth

Na – death, transition

Ma – rebirth

This meditation is recommended to master the 6th body, the arcline.


When practiced on the eve of the full moon, the kriya is said to influence the subconscious mind most completely. While most meditations require long periods of practice for mastery, it is possible to master this kriya in one or several sittings. Concentrate with total devotion.

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