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Kriya for Becoming Intuitive

These exercises gently work on the pituitary. They recharge and enrich your energy and counteract frustration, depression, and computer sicknesses.

1. Place the left hand over the heart. Bend the right elbow, point the Jupiter (index) finger upward, with the thumb locking down the other three fingers. Consciously keep the spine very straight and pulled up, with no weight on the buttocks. The eyes are closed. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, hold your breath, and then exhale slowly with a whistle through the mouth. Imagine that something very pure and divine in you is calling. Reach out and make contact with your own Infinity. Create a feeling of being exalted by your own self.

Continue for 7 minutes. Inhale deeply and shift position to exercise 2.




2. Put your right hand either slightly above or just touching your head. Bend the left elbow. Point the Jupiter (index) finger upward, with the thumb locking down the other three fingers. Keep the spine pulled up straight. This is very important for the gray matter of the brain. Close your eyes and continue the breath from Exercise 1. Continue for 4 minutes.


3. Stretch the arms over the head with the hands together in Prayer Pose. Keep the spine straight and stretch up from the armpits. Continue the breath. You are consciously recirculating your energy to give your body new life. Continue for 2 1/2 minutes.


4. Put the right hand over the left at the Heart Center. Sit and relax. Play Singh Kaur's recording of Rakhe Rakhanhaar. Listen, relax, breathe, and be. Continue for 3 minutes.


5. Inhale deeply and press your hands against the Navel Point. Rhythmically chant Har. With each recitation, press the Navel Point forcefully with your hands. The eyes are closed. Continue for 3 minutes.

(Simran Kaur's Tantric Har recording is excellent (or this.)


To end, come into elbow lock position. The elbows are bent, with each hand grasping the opposite elbow. The arms are held parallel to the ground at shoulder height. Inhale, hold your breath 5-10 seconds, squeeze the spine, and tighten all the muscles of the body. Exhale. Repeat this sequence two more times.


© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

This kriya can be found in Transformation, vol 2, available through KRI.